Bagger BC04. Stiching Machine. Bagger BC04. Stiching Machine.

Bagger BC04. Stiching Machine.

Semi-automatic paper bag bagging system especially designed for fruit and vegetable products. We have based the concept of this model on the manual placement of these bags, extracting them from the exit belt already with the dosage and stitched. This bagger is controlled by an electronic system that is able to give the required orders and semi-automatically adjust the type of package and its dimensions and, therefore, achieving great work ergonomics.

  • Two-stage interior holders: The interior holders are the elements that, in the first stage, allow us to open the bag interiorly and, during the second stage, the bag is pushed open using pressure from inside the bag mouth against some exterior rubbers to hold it in place and ease filling. With the first movement we achieve more reliability and with the second, more opening.
  • Thar stitching machine support: In the event that the bench has an exit towards the right, the stitching machine has a lateral turn that eases access to place the threads and their maintenance.
  • Accessibility: in the BC06 design, we have taken into account bag accessibility and visibility throughout its route, avoiding the greatest number of optical obstacles.

    *Bagging available from 5 to 25kg.

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