Palletizer Agropal R1 Palletizer Agropal R1 Palletizer Agropal R1

Palletizer Agropal R1

Agropal means safety and precision, from the first belt that collects the bag to the completely built pallet this palletizer model is different as it is specifically designed for products with great stacking difficulties. That is why it is necessary to discharge the product vertically over the pre-layer zone and load assembly inside a mould with frontal and lateral opening capacity. Another advantage that this model has is that it automatically adapts to different pallet widths..

This palletizing system consists of a robot and a palletizer..

Its production will be affected by the amount of maneuvers the robot can carry out.

Thanks to the robot-palletizer composition it allows us to work with different products simultaneously.

  • Synchronized opening grip and lateral presses incorporated into the robot.
  • Mod.Robot P4 pallet robot.
  • Automatic pneumatic-mechanical stops adjustable to any pallet width and product.
  • Synchronized gates for layer preparation.
  • Synchronized mould opening with pneumatic-mechanical closure.
  • Pallet extraction rollers.
  • Lifting platform.
  • Delivery set made up of a conveyor belt and end of section rollers.

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